My dinner: Vietnamese pomelo salad with shrimps

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I followed this recipe here:


2 Responses to “My dinner: Vietnamese pomelo salad with shrimps”

  1. Sheryl Wyszkowski Says:

    Hello Hung

    Enjoyed watching you on Top Chef and eating your magnificent food at Solo!
    I am the director of the Kosher Culinary Institute at the JCC of the Greater Five Towns.
    We offer Kosher cooking classes to “The Housewives of the Five Towns” – a really interesting group of ladies!

    Could we get you out here to teach a class? Our classes are conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning
    From 10:30-12:30 and I am scheduling now for the spring 2010. We pay our chefs $200@class but, celebrity that you are, perhaps we could stretch our budget a bit.
    If you are not interested or unable to help us, could you possibly recommend some highly talented experienced chefs who may be interested?

  2. Hello Sheryl,

    I’m sorry I’m not the Top Chef Hung Huynh, I only share the same name and the good look 🙂

    His public facebook page here
    You could contact him there.


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